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  • Consultancy services on Solar / wind powered electrification projects
  • Design and Implementation of Solar / wind powered projects of varying sizes and complexity , e.g. Custom Mini-Grid & High Capacity Solar / Wind powered electricity Generation for :-

    • Large and small scale Industries
    • Educational Institutions like Colleges of Education, Polytechnics as well as Secondary Schools to electrify their Classrooms, Computer Labs, Science Laboratories and Libraries
    • Primary Health Care Centers and Clinics to ensure electricity supply to critical departments, e.g. Theater Rooms, Emergency Rooms (ERs), and other parts of the Health Center / Clinic eliminating the recurring problem of power failure (even in places where generators may be available but cannot be operated due to lack of diesel). Thus, saving lives.
    • Office spaces as well as installation of highly efficient Solar-powered air-conditioning systems
    • Large and small residential estates
  • Provision of Portable and Scalable Solar-Powered Generators to Small Scale Cottage Industries and homes that can provide electricity to small businesses like Barber’s shop, tailors, shop-owners, etc, instead of the small generators that are noisy and very unsafe due to the potential fire and health hazards they pose.
  • Solar-powered Street and Traffic Lights to enhance security and safety in towns, villages and parks.
  • Solar-powered Rural Water Supply and Solar-powered Irrigation Schemes.
  • Areas of Operation
    Borehole Drilling
    Construction of Overhead Water Tank
    Supply and Installation of Submersible Water-pumps and Solar-panels
    Commissioning of Water Pumping Schemes